Ercol Chairs & Cushions

Spruced Upholstery has an eye for a trend - our very first upholstery project was a rare fully upholstered Ercol 248 chair and ever since then we've been sprucing up all manner of Ercol classics. 

From the classic long based 203 Easy chair, through the Windsor High Back to a couple of three seater sofas.  We're fast becoming a dab hand at an Ercol make over - even branching into bespoke seat cushions for their cute vintage stick back kitchen chairs.

Our prices for an Ercol cushion cover in a plain wool twill from Moon Fabrics start at £65 but we can also supply brand new high quality foams and even re-web and spruce up the frame for a small fee.  So, if you've got an Ercol in need of love give us a shout, we'd be delighted to help!

Here's a wee selection of the Ercol chairs we've done so far in a range of lovely wools - classic grey seems to be a favourite with our classy clients.   What colour would you go for?